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October 22, 2014, 9:09 am
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I showed you French streetartist Eltono a few weeks back and somehow I feel that Irish artist Maser is slightly related. It’s colour and geometry on large scale sites and I LOVE it! If that gasstation existed it would be a gathering point for all creatives fuelling up their cars…hmm then again not that many creatives I know own cars, myself included! It’s awesome nevertheless!

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Tom Sewell
October 20, 2014, 6:44 am
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Oh my god I was in such a grim mood on friday! Copenhagen is turning it’s signature grey autumn colour and I am not liking it one bit. WE NEED COLOUR! That’s why I’m going all in on UK artist Tom Sewell this morning (and listening to Little Dragon, which to me is the musical equivalent). There is so much life, energy in humour in his work that it is making me COMPLETELY disregard the fact that I wore wellies on my way to the office and STILL have wet socks and that there’s a pile of drenched wet weather gear on the floor next to me. It is just SO unbecoming! Hello monday!

More colour? Right this way:

sewell1 sewell2 sewell3 sewell4 sewell5

Nicola Samorì
October 17, 2014, 9:36 am
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What a gloomy friday morning (well, mid day by now) it is. I think it has been raining for 12 hours now and I could just NOT get out of bed today. I also really like to listen to the rain under the covers. I think this might be affecting the mood of my post today and I’m sorry if I’m putting a damper on your friday but I just have to show you Italian artist Nicola Samorì. For some reason I see him in relation to my fave artist Conor Harrington, there is the same contrast between an old technique with a contemporary approach, but Nicola Samorì is much more DARK. I love it! He’s brilliant!


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samori1 samori8 samori9 samori5

samori3 samori7

samori2  samori4  samori6

Conor Harrington
October 1, 2014, 12:50 pm
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Ever since I heard a talk by Conor Harrington at the Offset conference a few years, back I’ve been totally smitten with his work. The style clash is just done to absolute perfection! I’ve shown you a few things before but I just noticed, through cyber stalking, that he has a new exhibition out called Eat and Delete. It’s just travelled from London to New York and you should go, Go, GOOO!!!! Just look at the scary men below, uhhhh chills!!!

See more from the gallery who represent him:

Mugshot 3 - Augmented Reality Mugshot 4 - Living Memory The Unveiling

How The World Works Small Town Tale With A Global Punch

Eat And Delete Holding Hands Across History

Paul Willoughby
September 24, 2014, 9:20 am
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Yesterday I had the pleasure of the company of Mr. Paul Willoughby. He was helping me with a course I did about film marketing and it was SUCH an inspiration. I wanna share one of his projects with you that he did for an exhibition celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Twin Peaks. He bought vintage postcards that kinda fit the area and drew the characters on them. AWESOME job Paul!

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Paul is the creative director of Human After All, go see what they do too:

 LITP-TP07-LauraLITP-TP01-Laura LITP-TP06-Cooper LITP-TP08-LucyLITP-TP04-JocelynLITP-TP09-Gordon LITP-TP02-Audrey LITP-TP03-Donna  LITP-TP05-Shelly

September 16, 2014, 12:19 pm
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I’ve recently been fascinated with the work of French streetartist Eltono. I’m not usually a big fan of geometry but it just works so well on these large scale buildings and in the middle of busy cityscapes. Wish we had one in Copenhagen. He should do my old workplace (Danish School of Media and Journalism) which I lovingly call The Concrete Castle, would be a perfect location!

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eltono-warszawa05 eltono-mural-bari-02 eltono-katowice-2013 eltono-azores-walkntalk05



Mr. Bingo
September 8, 2014, 7:56 am
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Monday morning and the first morning of my new life as an independent designer (possibly soon to be independently poor). I could be Instagramming my coffee, but instead I will share a bit of what I’m doing with you. I’m researching an article and a talk I’m doing called “Take Shit Personally” and one of the projects I’m writing/talking about is Mr. Bingo’s book Hate Mail. I bought it a while back in London and I freaking LOVE it! I pull it out every time I’m a little cranky and it always makes me laugh. And hey, it’s Monday morning! ;-)

Feeling hateful too? Go ahead!

137_1mr-bhate-mail-cover 137_1mr-bhate-mail-posting-02

face prickjane 137_1mr-bhate-mail-posting-03


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