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July 21, 2008, 7:31 am
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I’m gonna start something new here on Inspiration Lab. I was trying to organize my fontarchive last week and in the process I looked at so many great fonts that I think are so overlooked and I thought HANG ON! why not give credit to these great pieces of design.

I think I had about 10000 fonts in my Linotype Fontexplorer and after clearing out all the crap dingbats, grungy 90’s fonts, free really badly drawn fonts with awful kerning and just plain weird ones that I’d never use I ended up with about 3000 usable ones.

So each week I will name a font from my archive that I think should be used. This is of course totally subjective and you are welcome to drop comments on my choices. It would also be great if you know of work done with the fonts I post. Please send links if you do.

The first font I want to show you is one of my first great loves when I got into font design. Zapf Book was designed in 1976 by German legend font designer Herman Zapf (he’ll be 90 this winter and still working). Zapf Book has such a timeless elegance and will bring grace to any text set with it. Look at the details and see the diagonal stroke going down to the bowl of the a, the sharp contrast of the Kk and the curvyness of the leg on the letter R. I declare my undying love for this font!

Buy Zaph book at Linotype.

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I Love it too!
It’s so freaking beautiful.
Definately one of my faves as well.

Comment by Jakob

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