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The September Issue
October 1, 2009, 9:57 pm
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Just saw the documentary “The September Issue” this evening and it was brilliant! Loving fashion I gulped it all up. It really is so exciting to see how an issue like this comes together for a graphic designer as well. It is clear how much we actually have in common when you see all the work that goes into finding the right clothes to create the right shape and colour. Am also a big fan of Grace Coddington now, what a fantistically frizzy haired goddess of aesthetics she is. She always seam to create the most fantastic shoots, almost theatrical and with remarkable contrast be it in colours, shapes or textures. This movie is a must see! Although being a complete nerd I did wonder why they used Archer for the type throughout the movie but not on the poster. I guess it did seam a bit too soft and human after all.

I’ll leave you with the most fantastic line I’ve heard in weeks from the fantastic Vogue editor André Leon Talley “My eyes are STARVING for beauty!”. So let’s have a little snack.






Photos styled by Grace Coddington.




Type specimens of the font Archer by Hoefler & Frere-Jones.

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I am delighted watching the design that you guys have done… I am going to study a mater degree in Spatial Design in England and hopefully after that can be as good as you guys and why not work with you..Juli

Comment by Juliana

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