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Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen
October 8, 2009, 8:23 am
Filed under: Spatial Design, Typography

Normally being a fast food hater I did not expect to fall in love with a fast food restaurant in New York, but I have. I think the area around Time Square is a nightmare but when I was recently forced to go through there I virtually stumbled into Schnipper’s. Seriously it’s like Nirvana around those parts. Mostly of course I am loving Schniper’s for their interior which includes lots of great typework. They do a yummy strawberry cheesecake sundae as well :-)

Visit Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen.



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Thanks for posting Schnippers on your blog. We are the design agency responsible for Schnippers and are glad you liked our work.


Douglas Riccardi
Memo Productions


Thank you so much for your comment! It is so great to know who is behind all these great projects :-)

Comment by myanimalfarm

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