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Absolut vs. Sagmeister
December 4, 2009, 8:54 am
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I came across the new Absolut Vodka ad the other day and was amazed how Sagmeister-ish it was. I wonder if they wanted him to do it but were turned down due to Sagmeister having his re-accuring year off. So maybe they just thought “Let’s do a Sagmeister thing anyway”. Either way, TBWA made a beautiful commercial but I think it’s too close to the obvious inspiration (Stefan Sagmeister’s “Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far”).

There are various theories in the industry as to why Absolut would do something so close to Sagmeister’s signature style. Some people think it’s an obvious gimmick to draw attention and get viral effect from people discussing it online (in which case I’m jumping right in). But if that’s the case I think it would be a lot more sympathetic to do a really great creative ad to draw attention on it’s own, rather then relying on negativity due to plagiarism to do it for them.

Let me know what you think.

The Absolut ad:

Two Sagmeister examples:

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rip-off, no doubt

Comment by tobias

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There’s the copycat thing, and then there’s the plain, shameless, megalomanic, hypocrit use of a specific type of discourse, which supposedly associates the brand with the ‘higher good’.

I am referring to the sequences of people all over the world, sending messages which are larger than life. It’s about a stupid vodka brand good Lord, not about saving the planet.

I do not know what happened somewhere around 2000, when this phenomenon first showed up in Europe. I like to call it ‘overclaiming’.

Selling electricity and saying: ‘we are your energy’. Selling sandwiches and saying ‘we are your life’.

Excuse me, but electricity is just current, a sandwich is a sandwich, vodka is just a drink, and people will decide for themselves who their saints are.

Good lord.

The Absolut ads from the 80’s were great. They made no sense, but they were an aesthetic delight. And that is just about as much a drinks brand can rightfully pretend to mean to society.

Overclaiming makes a brand look stupid. It is most often done to cover up for a lack of ideas. Or sufficient time to generate them.

Comment by Jan

How totally right you are!

Comment by myanimalfarm

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