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Fazer Lakritsi
January 18, 2010, 8:02 am
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Have just returned from a lovely weekend in Helsinki. I remember growing up there was one thing I would always buy at Helsinki Airport when I went back to Denmark after visiting my family in Finland. That was a HUGE bag of Fazer Lakritsi (liquerice). I think even as a kid I was drawn to the strong colourscale and simple shapes. I don’t think I really thought much about the motife in itself which was ofcourse very politically incorrect and getting older I realised that it had to be a matter of time before the design was changed. And now it has been redesigned, or rather it was just a few year back.

I think the new design is still lovely and totally in keeping with the retro style but I wish they’d played a bit more with the shape. They don’t varry that much in size and what worked so well before was the huge face on the front of the bag and I think the new design misses that kind of contrast in size. See for yourselves…

Old design:

New Design:

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they changed the design because the old one was too racistic

Comment by Vertti

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