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March 3, 2010, 9:23 am
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So I kinda took the piss about the Valentine’s chocolates, but that was before I saw how deadly serious the Japanese are about the chocolate giving. Every respectful department store had cleared their bottom floor and filled it with high end chocolatiers. Mostly from Europe, even Danish Morten Heiberg was there. If I was a packaging designer I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven, as it was I just spent about an hour of each day in department stores looking at chocolates (luckily my boyfriend is a designer too, and quite patient with me!).

I was especially impressed with Pierre Marcolini and Debailleul, two quite different styles. I was also very impressed when I visitted Pierre Marcolini’s website upon arrival home. A fantastic example of how to present something in a delicious and aesthetic way. Also a great example that webcomposition doesn’t have to be all boxed up.

Visit Pierre Marcolini.

Visit Debailleul.

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You’re sooo cruel to show these amazing chocolate photos!
Fortunately i haven’t got any chocolate in the house
Did you take these gorgeous photos?
Being a photographer i always want to know!
And i have to assume if you don’t put who took them it has to be you.
Congrats lovely styling and can smell the chocolate!
Need to call my shrink to stop me from jumping into the car and getting me some chocolate
cheers from cape town
love your blog

Comment by hoh

No sorry, I snagged them from the websites of the two brands so I don’t know who shot them as they didn’t put it in. Otherwise would of course put their names in as that is what this blog is all about :-)
…hmmm in the mood for chocolate now too….

Comment by myanimalfarm

You have to check out Askinosie Chocolate. Not only is it delicious, but their packaging is so amazing. Even better in person!

xo Sarah

Comment by Sarah

The Japanese are so serious about chocolate giving that chocolate sales on Valentine’s shopping week are larger than during the Christmas season.
Also I heard that Japanese girls give more chocolates to guys than the other way around.

Comment by Fred

Thanks a lot for your comments.
I am the designer behind this creative direction
(the actual designer that signed the website is just the creative director of the Marcolini house and has nothing to do with the webdesign ;) )

Comment by Jandrain

I’m so happy that you commented! I love your work on this project and I always want to pay tribute to the designer when possible :-)

Comment by myanimalfarm

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