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Nissan vs. Sony Bravia
April 19, 2010, 7:29 am
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So did anyone see the new Nissan ad on TV and have a total Sony Bravia deja-vu? I sure did. Just watch bellow and tell me if the ending isn’t a bit of a rip off.

Nissan ad (2010):

Sony Bravia ad (2006):

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Couldn’t agree more. I an imagine a board meeting where someone says something in the line of “it’s 4 years already, they won’t remember the darn ad”. There’s no way this was a coincidence.

Comment by Miguel Tito Malone

Exactly!!! :-)

Comment by myanimalfarm


Comment by goaf

very nice

Comment by goaf

yes, not just ending; whole concept appears to…borrowed.

By the way, I take it this means the Nissan Qashqai is only available in grey..? ;-)

Comment by DoreenatDMS

REALLY good point Doreen *lol* :-D

Comment by myanimalfarm

I’m not buying this as a rip off. Sure they both use paint plashing, but they communicate completely different ideas.

Comment by ursonate

That’s true, but isn’t the execution of the film just too close? I mean even the pipes that the paint comes out of are filmed in the same way.

Comment by myanimalfarm

Either that, or the same person directed both commercials and was too lazy to do anything original but set it to different music.

Comment by Ian

I don’t think Jonathan Glazer did the Nissan :-) Otherwise I’d have to re-evaluate one of my big idols. No, it simply can’t be true! :-D

Comment by myanimalfarm

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Just curious, but does anyone have any idea what the clown has to do with anything in the Bravia ad? He’s on the YouTube splash page for the video, then only makes a 1 second appearance in the ad, and I have no idea why. Strange.

I’m not sure about a blatant rip off (I’d need to watch them 3-4 more times), but maybe it was an homage?

Comment by Sebastian

[…] Before you say anything, this is actually a rip-off from Sony Bravia’s bouncing balls in San Francisco. But now it gets funny, because the OLD Nissan Qashqai commercial was a rip-off from Sony’s second ad, which a lot of people noticed real quick. […]

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it’s supposed to be the same. that’s the point. it’s really smart. One thing people always said when watching the original bouncy ball bravia spot was “weren’t the cars damaged at all?” They turned the bouncy balls into bowling balls to emphasize this point. it’s not a rip-off, but more of a hats off.

Comment by kevin m.

… the whole ad is a ripoff – you forgot to mention they also ripped off the music from fake pilot’s fabulous ‘spybar’ flash animation from yesteryear… shameless.

Comment by Chris Parker

It reminded me of 9/11. Visuals left me empty but the music was great.

Comment by tag

it is intended to get identical. that is the point. it is really smart. One particular factor persons often mentioned when watching the original bouncy ball bravia spot was “weren’t the cars and trucks broken in any way?” They turned the bouncy balls into bowling balls to emphasize this position. it is not a rip-off, but more of a hats off.

Comment by Sony Bravia KDL55EX710

Sony=brilliant execution. Nissan=boring execution. That’s the difference.

Comment by Daniel

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