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Janine Rewell
October 11, 2010, 7:00 am
Filed under: Illustration/Art

Is it a sleepy monday morning? Quite possibly. Is it a grey day in Denmark? Hmm…very likely. And where am I? I’m on my way to Bangkok for a bit of heat and well deserved vaccation. Envious? Well, no need to panic, I’ve posted ahead so even if the world goes under this blog will keep running…for the next two weeks anyway.

So let’s face it, with skin tone as pale as an aspirin (a guy once said that to me as a compliment!) I may very well come back looking like a lobster. But if so I’m thinking about doing a “tan tattoo” like this project by Janine Rewell. What a fantastic illustration! I’ve posted Janine a few years back but it’s so lovely to come back to her website and see loads of new stuff since then. So do swing by.

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