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Jakub Konvica
November 14, 2011, 10:11 pm
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As always when I see really pretty drawings I get very jealous. So Jakub Konvica’s work basically makes me green with envy. Damn him and his mad drawing skills!

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Wow…he’s clearly very talented! I’d be jealous too! ;)

Love the drawing of the alphabet! So creative…

Comment by PCC Advantage

awesome pictures.. :-D

Comment by abichica

Wow! Amazing work! And great blog…congrats on being fp’d!

Comment by societyred

Thanks! :-)

Comment by myanimalfarm


Comment by Amrita

Beautiful — and eerie at the same time…

Comment by Mikalee Byerman

I don’t get angry from envy, just opposite, I get curious and wan’t to learn how he can do the things he does for my benefit and aide in pursuit of perfection

Comment by willacepn

These are great! I have never seen a stylized alphabet like it and I rather enjoy the graphite.

He does have some very mad drawing skills!

p.s. Congratulations on the FP!

Comment by The Artist Makena

We all have some type of artistic ability. You just have to find your own!!!!

Comment by Stupid Nuns

nice drawings

Comment by Nathaniel W. Sommer

I can see why you’re jealous. However, you captured Konvica’s artistry wonderfully.

Comment by hawkdad73

I am part of the “I wish I could draw” club as well. These are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by mmgoodsongs

Quite, quite spectacular in their detail and control of line. Thanks for introducing him – I checked out the link: many of his images are deeply disturbing but his ability is quite something else. Thanks again for the post

Comment by DoF@theinfill

these are wonderful; they remind me of meticulous but still half-fantastical medical drawings from the 18th c.

Comment by marinabenjamin

Agreed. I’m jealous too. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

Comment by drawingpins

Absolutely beautiful photos!

Comment by TheBathOutlet


Comment by GG

Very nice, although a bit eerie. Colonial Williamsburg has a great set of English artistic characters, as well. Check it out here:

Comment by Diane Landy

hauntingly beautiful

Comment by gwensbullock

Wow, green-eyed monster just reared its head at my place too. These are amazing.

Comment by abzinthia

Extraordinary. Thank you for introducing me to this artist. Wow.

Comment by Sarah D.

i too get so mad… waahh! i wanto to draw like that! (-:

Comment by skybluewithdaisies

Beautiful and inspiring!

Comment by artclubblog

Would make a very gothy/Brothers Grimm sort of typeface. Nice for the season…

Comment by bensten


Comment by oliverkriston

Oh dear I share same sentiments… I have a virtual friend who’s a virtuoso in art and I dreadfully love every piece of his work, wishing I could have hands and imagination as his…

Comment by basangsisiw

That’s a terrifically creative alphabet in the center photo. Is there a clearer shot of it somewhere?

Comment by Karl Drobnic

Just awesome stuff…

Comment by edwardgangi

Wow, that is amazing!

Comment by prudentcupcake

fantastic work…the lines, details and imagination are exceptional

Comment by elizabethweaver

Fantastic imagery

Comment by Life's amazing journey

cool pic

Comment by agustiasaridewi

Oh my… those are beautiful. I wasn’t familiar with Jakub Konvica – thanks for the great post : )

Comment by Jackie @Auburn Meadow Farm

They are pretty amazing, I am pretty much more than green than is possible with envy! I love the mix of macabre, and the more gentler side of nature.

Comment by Laura Davies

Yes, green with envy…I can imagine, me too!

Comment by Hanna

Brilliantly skilled and beautifully original, I think I’m at least as envious as you are!

Comment by Helen

I agree. People who can draw are beyond talented in my eyes. They are gifted. I wish I could just pick up a pencil and draw something beautiful at anytime… maybe that’s why I write. To compensate for that lack! Lol

Comment by Dee

This is just beautiful work! Thank you for having such a lovely eye to share and know its beautiful work, theres for sure talent in that…S

Comment by Spramani Elaun

fab work

Comment by Not Just A Mummy

Incredible work! Great share and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

Comment by The Hook

These are really cool
Great post

Comment by thebigbookofdating

so needs to be made into a font!

Comment by StrangeLittleGirl Photography

awesome work

Comment by Elevens Photographs


Comment by okashii86

That’s awesome!

Comment by Prettylittleraindrops.

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Cool work! Congratulations on being Fresh Pressed.

Comment by nella32000

OMG! That is just AMAZING!!!! :)))

Comment by tomajoksaite

Not only a crazily gifted person with wonderful drawing skills, but a clever one who sees things with humor and charm.


Comment by morristownmemos by Ronnie Hammer

Envy is a good start, it shows you that you’re capable of creating great things too! (not necessary the same)
So instead of becoming very jealous, transform that energy raising up into something… put it to work! :-) If not, jealousy could “eat” you from inside.. and block your own creativity.

Comment by Thoughts Designer

love it!!!

Comment by rizzma

i really appreciate the way you express your envy! and congrats on being fresh pressed!

Comment by nomadruss


Comment by urbsters

These are very lovely drawings, I can understand that you’re jealous :)

Comment by W. R. Woolf

Wow. That is incredible drawing. Definitely induces jealousy.

Comment by Tinkerbell

WoW amazing skill… what are your gears?

Comment by Yul Prince Vartan Hyzhar

Same feeling as you have when I see all good arts ! Everyone’s art are so great ! Maybe which mean, we have all talent for all arts ;D

Comment by AishaDExpress

Great work!

Comment by randomlyabstract

These are beautiful and unnerving – like some Hammer House version of medieval illumination. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by richardsguest

Wow.. I want that in a frame on my wall!

Comment by Milla

very clever!

Comment by youarenotlostyouarehere

To give-
To draw, to be creative.

Comment by MEinRhyme

really pretty! lovely post!

Comment by dana


Comment by whenquiet

These drawings are really amazing.
I wish I could draw something like that.

Comment by Maryland Rhys

Very beautiful, man.

Comment by lost near

Nice blog…veeeery interesting indeed !

Comment by hellenjc

That is ridiculously beautiful work!!!

Comment by Jezzmindah


Comment by richannkur

Lovely bit of lateral thinking to start the day. I love to see such intricate, creative ways of expressing something so age-old as the alphabet for it to take new wonder.

Comment by Darcy Isla

Some people are too talented…. Stunning

Comment by customlightingmelbourne

and he makes me green with envy too! :)

Comment by Gabrielle

Envy is poverty. Admire and find pride in your own skills and develop them through being inspired from others. Enjoy you too

Comment by How To Be You/ Julie-Ann Blackmore

Jakub Konvica rocks and tickles your grey cells… :) Thanks for facilitating…

Comment by Ramu Nair

Wow it’s rad! really admirable – I feel you jealousy

Comment by colorfulworldofmine

That is so amazing!

Comment by Jake Habitan

This is beautiful typography. I’d love to see this taken all the way into vector form.

Comment by kelseyah

I love it. That illustration of the letter “S” is so fabulous. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on getting on Freshly Pressed.

Comment by TheChronicR

pretty cool..

Comment by trialsinfood

nice image>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!

Comment by younas

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