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Be my Valentine, Bitch!
April 17, 2012, 9:26 am
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So now that I have done my talk at CPH:typo (was great fun!) I think it’s time that I show you all the pieces from my exhibit at VESS on the 14th of February, a.k.a Valentine’s Day (HORRID!). So it’ll be a loooooooong post and you need to scroll way down :-)

I’ve told you a little about the exhibit a while back but if you don’t know, I’ll just give a few keywords.

The statement “Tak for lort bitch” means “Thanks for all your shit bitch”, nice huh? It was an exboyfriend’s last words to me. So articulate concidering he was a communication major. I guess I had been kind of a cow, but that was indeed well deserved and totally in order.

You’ll be sitting there thinking “This woman is insane!” (jury is still out on that one) “why did she spend all this time on something that stupid?”. Well, you might be right. The very first piece I did was meant as a kind of reply (although only to myself, not to him) because I never did say anything quite as original back. Then as I had let it all go and felt really good, I thought it such a shame to stop the process and people started saying I should do an exhibit. And so I did! So the exhibit is more about turning the negative in your life into positive and the contrast between doing something really ugly in a very time consuming and meticulous way. Or like they say: when life gives you lemons, ask for salt and tequila!

It’s not some sort of bitter payback. Although I guess a small thanks is in order to the shithead for supplying me with the content. To be honest I kinda forgot where the sentence came from towards the end of this project. And now I just look at my work with a smile on my face because I made it into something that I’m proud of.

I hope you like it! :-)

From the opening of the exhibit. The title in my tape font on the window. Photo by VESS.

This piece measures about 92 x 113 cm and is knitted in denim and wool. The denim comes from 17 ALMOST perfect pairs of jeans torn into 3 cm strips (a girl’s hunt for the perfect pair just NEVER ends, does it?!??!)

This piece measures about 100 x 100 cm. Made of neon pink 90 gram paper and 1 cm strips of magazines.

Double piece, each measuring about 53 x 60 cm crochetted in black and white cotton yarn.

Piece measuring 200 x 100 cm on 200 gram cartonage. The piece was made by hand piercing 203.224 holes. For this reason it also goes under the name ‘Voodoo Bitch’.

From the exhibit opening. Backlit by flourescent light. Photo by VESS.

Piece measuring 68 x 104 cm and is made of plastic embroidery sheets and pearl cotton yarn.

Piece measuring 95 x 110 cm knitted in purple wool yarn.

Double piece, measuring 30 x 40 cm and 34 x 34 cm in a mix of embroidery techniques.

Piece measuring about 120 x 200 cm made of painted wooden tiles from 12 tangram games.

Piece measuring about 62 x 155 cm and is made of 32.014 plastic beads threaded 4 times each with cotton yarn.

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I love it, backstory and all.

Comment by Auburn Meadow Farm

Thanks!! :-)

Comment by myanimalfarm

This just makes me smile. :) Nice to see the whole collection. You *are* insane, but in a really productive and entertaining way. :)

Peace. Love. Joy.

Comment by finally_write

I’ll take insanity any day if it results in creativity ;-)

Comment by myanimalfarm

Super fedt. Så gennemført og inspirerende. :-)

Comment by Lotte Skadborg Hansen

Skøøøøønt at høre. TAK!!

Comment by myanimalfarm

Tak for inspiration Julie :-)

Comment by christinabruunolsson

Ja selv tak da Christina! :-)

Comment by myanimalfarm

Wow, sikke et arbejde. Inspirerende, skarpt og overraskende smukt.

Comment by Erika

Der er skønhed i alt ;-) Tak! :-)

Comment by myanimalfarm

Fantastisk!! :)

Comment by Høytrykk

Taaaak!!! :-)

Comment by myanimalfarm

WAUW! Elsker dem alle – meget inspirerende :)

Comment by Anja |

Dejligt!! :-)

Comment by myanimalfarm

Hvor er det fedt….. love it.

Comment by Nanette Dahlmann Andreasen

Taak!!! :-)

Comment by myanimalfarm

Det er da helt vildt imponerende håndværk og for så vidt et rimelig cool budskab – når nu der ligger en god historie bag. FEDT og fanme godt gået :-)

Comment by Pimp me up! ...on detour

Ja man kan jo ikke sådan lade sig slå ud ;-) Tak!

Comment by myanimalfarm

Wow hvor er det fedt.
Materialer, teknikker, udtryk…. jeg er SÅ imponeret.
Helt vildt inspirerende

Comment by Djohanne

Tusind tak! Hvor er det skønt at høre det fra “folk derude” :-)

Comment by myanimalfarm

Genialt at få noget positivt ud af en “dårlig” oplevelse. Meget inspirerende, vil til at følge med her det er da helt klart ;-)

Comment by Trine F

Gør det! Der er altid plads til flere ;-)

Comment by myanimalfarm

Pissesejt :D JEG VIL OGSÅ KUNNE SÅDAN NOGET! Sig noget grimt til mig

Comment by Anne Mette

Be careful what you ask for. Jeg har nemlig øvet mig i de grove svar siden! ;-)

Comment by myanimalfarm

Tror jeg en gang har fået en lignende kommentar fra en eks….fik dog ikke noget så konstruktivt ud af det. Super fedt håndværk!!!

Comment by Mette

Så er det bare frem med hæklenål og strikkepind! ;-) Kan du huske den præcise sætning?

Comment by myanimalfarm

Er vild med det. Grimme ord, som kunne være skrevet i vrede på en toiletvæg, fortolket med broderier og hæklenål. Sjovt som en agressiv sætning kan miste pondus!

Comment by Ingrid

JA! Og det er præcis det der er formålet :-)

Comment by myanimalfarm

Er helt vild med det og synes det er alt for fedt!
Har du mon lyst at udstille det en gang mere? Jeg står for at finde kunstnere til et par gallerivæge på cafeen Retro Nørrebro, og ville elske at ha dine ‘værker’ hængende en måned i efteråret!!

Comment by Sidsel Vejen Blomqvist

[…] is so amazing. I wanna play with paper all summer now, my own little experiments with paper for my exhibit seams very simple […]

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So glad you were freshly press, I love the idea of this. Art is therapy.

Comment by Doris

[…] I’ve been wanting to weave something for SUCH a long time. I attempted to build a loom for my exhibit but failed miserably. I think I have to give it another go. Just look at these beauties! […]

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Comment by Sine

[…] Disse bogom­slag føl­ger en trend der har stået på i et stykke tid, nem­lig at bruge klas­sisk hån­dar­be­jde i design. Pen­guin har gjort det med Pen­guin Threads og Julie Kathrine Ander­sen lavede en udstill­ing med håndsyede værker: Be My Valen­tine, Bitch. […]

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