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Nick Meek
September 6, 2012, 8:17 am
Filed under: Photography

The work by photographer Nick Meek makes me feel so nostalgic. The colours are amazing! It’s kinda like looking through my grandmother’s holiday photos as a kid only a hundred times better and without the various half heads and index fingers in the shots.

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well…this would have been good if instagram wasn’t flooding the market. now it just looks like everyone else’s photos but probably at a higher resolution.
I do like the lone car and last image though.

Comment by Tin Roof Press

You are right in regards to the effects, but I think that the compositions and lighting is still way better than any hipster instagram shot I’ve seen ;-)

Comment by myanimalfarm

I think it kind of cancels itself out. the ‘retro’ effects are so close to instagram everything else feels lost

Comment by Tin Roof Press

Reblogged this on SoulLove.

Comment by SoulLove

Stunning pics…love them all! :)

Comment by polkadots1085

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