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Jesse Rieser
October 18, 2012, 8:40 am
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I’m gonna sound grumpy now, but I think there should be a law against Christmas decorations before 1st of December. I just saw the first load in the shops and Christmas isn’t exactly on our doorstep. Jesus! So I guess blogging this amazing series called Christmas in America by photographer Jesse Rieser is only fitting. Let’s get into the freakin’ Holiday Spirit!

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Ha! Apparently it has nothing to do with Jesus anymore, lol. One of my big American beefs… I was in a grocery store the other day, and it’s a massive retail smashup of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all at once. Makes it all kind of pointless for me. I get enough holiday joy from the seasonal gifts I find in nature… this garish blather wears me out : )

Comment by Auburn Meadow Farm

love this, it makes me cringe! going to re-blog, thanks :-)

Comment by Lyndsey Mercer

The dimly lit dinner table with the lovely happy looking ladies is amazing! Great capture of such emotion (or lack of). And I couldn’t agree with you more. We’ve beaten Christmas with the consumer stick beyond the point of its death. Now it’s just sickening.

Comment by amazingedwards

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