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Lovisa Burfitt
March 22, 2013, 6:55 am
Filed under: Illustration/Art

Chances are if you’ve been in an H&M sometime in the last couple of years you’ve seen the work by illustrator Lovisa Burfitt but maybe you didn’t know who she was so I want to pay her proper credit cause I LOVE her work. The illustrations are so rough around the edges but still super beautiful and feminine. I love that contrast! The difference in strokes and textures make these work so well.

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lovisa27 lovisa29 lovisa30

lovisa01 lovisa03 lovisa21




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I like how you made this font! Cool!

Comment by eldinsmille

I will appreciate you posts more if you share tutorials to do such things in illustrator instead of just sharing the final work.

Comment by Erin Catriona

you have nice blog i like it.

Comment by graphic designing

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thank you for taking the time to let Maine learn new things.

Comment by Clothing Shop

Personally I’m a big fan of H&M, and that’s what caught me on this post. Your remark on the rough edges and feminine feel is brilliant. I agree – the “messiness” suggest young and beautiful, but looking for meaning and purpose; that way to define themselves. I think that is a great statement on young women – who happen to be a major target of H&M. It connects to them on a deeper level and it was wonderfully captured here. Thanks!

Comment by Phil

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