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September 17, 2014, 6:47 am
Filed under: This and That

So last week the odd inspiration was birds, this week it’s rocks. Call me crazy, but I do find these mineral formations to have such contemporary aesthetics. So much so that I made a total rip off of Damien Hirst’s piece (the pink one below) for my wall at home. I guess he had the same appreciation…only two decades ago! ;-) I’m still amazed that nature produces such beauty all on it’s own. Go to your local library (yes, the actual place) and have a look through an old book on minerals (yes, an actual book!). You’ll see what I mean. Very inspiring!

ad47 Large Gem Tanzanite Crystal from the Merelani, Arusha, Tanzania effb51c1e5ec3c6ce6e269b3cba420a4

78bb08_08649f65770dfa87d733656826e9b61d.jpeg_1024 a033_1  Untitled 1992 by Damien Hirst born 1965

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