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Annie Atkins
September 18, 2014, 9:09 am
Filed under: Graphic Design

Was I the only one who sat through the endtitles when I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel to see who did all the graphic design for the movie? If so then I’ll share my findings with you, because I’m completely smitten with this girl’s work and she definitely deserves some respect (HIGH FIVE ANNIE ATKINS!!). What a fab, but also quite difficult job she must have, she does design that features in movies, like signs, newspapers and other documents and it must be such an exciting research process to get to the end result. I’ve always had a laugh about the graphic design that features in TVseries and movies because it’s usually REALLY badly done (like when you see spreads from MODE magazine in one of my all time fave shows Ugly Betty, OMG!).

Just the other day I watched the trailer for the new TVseries Penny Dreadful and was also quite amazed with the visuals. And ofcourse that’s Annie Atkins too! Can’t wait to see it!

See more:

Posters from Penny Dreadful:


Stuff from The Grand Budapest (ohhhh those Mendl’s boxes ♥)

GBH-hotel-900x630 keys-900px-662x768package-1800px-900x656 GHB_7195 20130213.CR2


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