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Timothy Goodman
December 4, 2014, 9:43 am
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I blogged Timothy Goodman’s work for Ace Hotel AGES ago but it’s time give the man a bit of credit again because he has done AMAZING work since. He did a great installation at the Airbnb headquaters (great use of rough materials) but what I love even more is two personal projects that he did alongside Jessica Walsh (who, by the way, is also AWESOME!). You may have heard of their experiment to date each other for 40 days and now their dating experiment has become a book that that you can get your hands on in about a months and a half. It’s looking really nice from here. Just have a look at the video below. I’m also just loving the Quotes on Shit project. It’s so simple, and yet it just makes me smile every time I see one of those handlettered quotes on a painted figure. Thanks for brightening my day to both of you :-)

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tumblr_ndhmr5MatK1tmvykto1_1280 tumblr_nf1a83to6X1tmvykto1_1280 typography-quotes-02 typography-quotes-03 typography-quotes-11 tumblr_neh0vrT5NX1tmvykto1_1280

tumblr_ndkl65T5LD1tmvykto1_1280  typography-quotes-10 typography-quotes-01

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their dating was fascinating and compulsive reading but I don’t know, mixed feelings about that project.

Like people who are SO busy and important and creative that they barely have time to sleep (jessica wrote about migraines and seems to never sleep) or live or be happy and have to force themselves to do all these ‘fun’ activities on schedule and the only way those activities are even worth the time away from their work is if they are made into a book or a website or a movie.

As a voyeur loved it, as a human it made me sad.

Comment by Tin Roof Press

You are so right, I do find it interesting when people use personal experiences in their work, I do that too and my best work has come out of it :-) But I agree that there is more than one perspective, seen from a design point of view it somehow gives things a bit of depth and relevance. But when you really look at the content from a personal point of view it makes you wonder if it’s all worth it. It’s great that design can make us think of that though, although maybe not intended.

Comment by myanimalfarm

yeah that’s true – it put my personal life in perspective certainly :)

Comment by Tin Roof Press

You and me both ;-)

Comment by myanimalfarm

Oh these look great!

Comment by randomlyabstract

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